Since the beginning of our launch, Lâcher Prise’s mission has always been one to reflect products that are MADE TO FEEL WITH LOVE AND ETHICS IN THE USA:

Our mentality is founded on the understanding of what our community needs and allowing the consumer to promote environmental change. By asking whoever owns a piece of Lâcher Prise Apparel is allowing them to become part of the design process as a daring gesture - and yet something the fashion industry has never considered before. By leaving the function of the piece up to the owner, Lâcher Prise involves the person wearing their pieces to immerse themselves into the design process as a completely new and sustainable approach to the fashion industry.

Our awareness at Lâcher Prise has inspired us to be part of the change; to decrease the carbon footprint and damages currently being left by the existing regulations of the fashion industry leaving it the 2nd highest cause of pollution in the world. This conglomerate of a crisis looks like outsourcing, using cheap fossil fueled fabrics, toxic chemical dying, microfibers in your wash, fast fashion, buying in bulk and transportation emissions has led to our planet experiencing current global warming such as temperature increases, unsafe air conditions, melting of glacial landmasses and an overall extinction to certain life as we know it.

Our contribution is one of direct action. We take necessary steps within each development of our production line to ensure high quality pieces. Every product directly sold to the consumer is made with the same attention and execution honoring sustainable and eco friendly causes. How we are influencing change as a sustainable brand can be seen by applying these key tactics that we implement during the design process of each piece. We enjoy being able to deliver products that not only feel good to the consumer but feel good to the Earth.



Our process starts off with the careful hand selection of fabrics to ensure that the fabrics are in fact locally sourced or ethically made. Our suppliers are consciously selected to mirror our ethical values. They are embedded with full trust as they are found right here in the U.S. Our main Modal supplier, Sextet Fabric Inc., has their spinning process done in California. Their dye house is located In the state of NY. We also prioritize to use their instock fabrics ensuring that we are not over producing any more materials that our planet does not need.


“Every year, 92 million tons of industry textile waste is generated. Every second, one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated” 


What is the difference that in-stock fabric provides making it one of our more resourceful values here at Lâcher Prise? By using in-stock fabric from our suppliers we avoid creating more waste and energy to spin fibers that may end up in landfills. The fabric itself is of the highest quality highlighting our suppliers knowledge in terms of producing fabrics that will provide consumers with longevity. Picture this, every mass piece of clothing that is made is cut from a large fabric roll produced for each new collection when in reality, suppliers only use about 10 percent of it. Thus, leaving mounds of unwanted fabric piling in landfills. Our methods reduce the impact of over consumption and production.



At Lâcher Prise, we strive to maintain a clean production where the integrality of our fabric material is plant based: for our knit and jersey fabric we use locally sourced Lenzing™modal (modal is a biodegradable, renewable fibre sourced from beech trees), as for our woven and most outerwear material we use 100% Lenzing™ tencel (trademarked version of Lyocell which uses certified sustainably managed woodstock and is GM free) or organic cotton/tencel blend from Japanese in-stock fabrics.

At Lâcher Prise we choose to not overlook material and production overflux to reduce the carbon footprint and create change. Fabrics found in our clothing are ethically selected knowing that we want your body to feel the effects of sustainability.

Lenzing™ modal is a biodegradable, renewable fibre sourced from beech trees. Modal is manufactured from cellulose that comes from beachwood trees using chemical processing. The manufacturing process is closed loop, meaning that 95% of the chemicals used in processing are captured and reused. The small amount of effluent that is discharged is considered non-hazardous.

The natural raw material from responsibly managed forest is pulped then turned into fibres, this is then woven leaving you with the soft and fluid-like Modal we use in our collection. By using in stock modal from local mills and ethically sourced manufacturers, we’re avoiding the need to spin new fibres, reducing landfill waste and lowering our impact on our forests.




At Lâcher Prise we strive to lower our carbon footprint to its lowest level, by maintaining a circular and ethical supply chain starting from our locally sourced in-stock fabric provider to our domestic ‘cut and sew’ manufacturer.

Up until the late 1970s, The United States produced at least 70 percent of the apparel purchased by Americans… by 2012, it was down to 2.5 percent.” - Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes, Thomas

Designed and produced between New York City and Los Angeles, we support “locally-made” manufacturing, we believe in an ethical and local supply chain leading to potentially revive the American garment industry. Our materials get to be sourced from manufacturers who provide employees fair living wages in accordance with all applicable laws. Fair and equal pay is mandatory to support the workers who so carefully cut, sew and make our clothes. Each employee is treated with dignity and acknowledgement for their ability. It's good energy and each of our pieces get to reflect craftsmanship with respect.

Here Zouhir, the owner of a small “cut and sew” factory located in the heart of NYC’s garment district, proudly holds Fashion Revolution’s “I made your clothes” poster defending and supporting our transparent supply chain.



Slow fashion is another one of our main values. It's hard to keep up with the pace of the current industry conglomerates as a small fashion house trying to follow the seasons. The waste produced is ample and designs are being overlooked as to follow suit with seeking what’s already around the corner. This is a call for designers to focus on creating the perfect garment that lasts a lifetime. At Lâcher Prise, we are committed to creating pieces that will last forever; we don't want to keep up with large market house production rates, such as making four collections a year. We choose to focus on the idea of timelessness when it comes to our designs acknowledging what it means to be sustainable.


“Of the more than 100 billion items of clothing produced each year, 20 percent go unsold… leftovers are usually buried, shredded, or incinerated. In the last 20 years, the volume of clothes Americans throw away has doubled -- from 7 millions to 14 million tons. That equals 80 pounds per person per year.” Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes, Thomas


We also exclusively offer limited run designs with the intention to stop overproduction or leave unsold inventory that might end up in landfills. We design with the intention to allow pieces to have more than one utility enabling everyone to express what they feel, see, even believe through a single piece of clothing. This way pants become jumpsuits, belts become scarves, tops become dresses and draping enhances and changes the looks once again.

Our staple and best-selling design, the Liberte embrace the dynamic and sustainable values we aim to pursue at Lâcher Prise. This all-in-one piece can be worn in a multitude of ways. Please check our tutorial to see all the possibilities.



We use 100% Recycled Poly Mailer packaging from EcoEnclose to ship all orders. Every one of our pieces is housed with a plant based eco friendly pouch that covers and protects each garment making it easy to travel with. These pouches are reusable giving the consumer the opportunity to avoid single use packaging.


Lâcher Prise’s organic cotton gift pouch comes with every purchase.


We try our best in terms of bringing sustainability to the forefront of issues to begin re-establishing the fractured relationship between the current state of our environment and the fashion industry. Our hope is to create enough awareness around what you as a consumer can do to be a contributing factor to help heal our Earth. Each action requires a choice and these choices may question some current lifestyles that are predominantly overlooking the radical action necessary to create change. We at Lâcher Prise will take the steps necessary to implement an infrastructure that constantly keeps up to date with the times as new information unfolds around what we can do as creators to be part of the tipping point. Our brand ensures that every action taken is to promote a sustainable and healthy future for all.