Lâcher Prise prioritizes fair trade at all stages of its supply chain. Starting from our raw materials, we make sure the trees used for the production of our staple Modal fabric come from reliable forest and not deforestation.
We work with Lenzing Modal and OEKO Tex certification to provide that safety and assurance.

We source most of our materials, including deadstock, from trusted suppliers right here in the U.S. 

Sextet Fabric Inc. is our micro modal DNA fabric main supplier. They do their spinning and dying in Long Island, NY. An hour's drive from our studio located in Brooklyn, NY. 

Our manufacturers are defined on a human and ethical scale, complying with environmental and labor regulations. We can only be confident to work with partners that can provide us with fair living wages, certifications, and benefits. The capacity of our workshops is often reduced and perfect for conscious and slow fabrication.

We release a small number of new designs per year and favor short manufacturing circuits. Lâcher Prise is a philosophy; we strive to be 100% transparent by transporting our clients into a world of soft, comfortable, and innovative designs.

To certify our commitment and fight against “greenwashing”, Lâcher Prise submits its ethics to the judgments of the most trusted sustainable labels, blogs, and magazines, providing reliable and true meaning to the term "ethical".