Circularity has become a trendy word, with brands pointing to a utopian future where old products can be recycled into new ones in a waste-free loop that detaches the industry from a linear business model and enables guilt-free growth. But it is not easy to walk the talk when it comes to circularity.


Every order comes in a reusable organic cotton gift pouch, wrapped in 100% recycled poly mailer packaging, which we source from EcoEnclose.

The sustainability of our packaging is just as important to us as that of our garments. That’s why we deliver every one of our pieces in a plant-based eco-friendly pouch. Not only do these pouches serve to reduce single-use packaging, but they also help protect your garment during travel. 


“Polybags are fashion's dirty little secret, with half a billion of them produced and thrown away each year. Single-use plastic weighing the equivalent of 80,000 elephants is thrown away by the fashion industry each year in the form of polybags alone. Most of these packaging are not recycled and end up in landfill.”

We have recently found a great sustainable alternative to the issue of packaging and plastic bags that is polluting the fashion industry.

TIPA packaging is made in Germany and certified ‘home compostable’. We can be sure that it will disintegrate within—at most—180 days under compost conditions.You can confidently dispose of your package in your home or backyard compost. We believe that by providing a certified compostable alternative, Lâcher Prise is offering a circular solution that can revolutionize the approach to flexible packaging and a transition towards a circular economy to a more sustainable future.


Our items are 100% composed of natural or regenerative material, all TENCEL™ standard, MicroModal fibers and Organic Cotton are biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

If a material is compostable, it means that under composting conditions (heat, humidity, oxygen, & microorganisms) it will break down to CO2, water, and a nutrient-rich compost within a specific time frame.

We conducted the experiment for ourselves to verify the biodegradability claim of MicroModal. To our incredible surprise, it fully reverted to Nature in only 7 weeks. Check our video on IG.

To help keep textiles & garments from ending up in the landfill, we recently started a take-back program. You now have the possibility of sending your unwanted Lâcher Prise pieces back to us at the end of use (after at least 3 years) in exchange we will give you a 30% discount on the same product you wish to repurchase new.