Lâcher Prise is more than a clothing line; it is a feeling.

The ideology of the brand, Lâcher Prise, reflects its French definition; meaning: "liberation from the desire to control”, and letting go of any emotional or physical restraint.
The concept is simple: to convey the feeling of Lâcher Prise through our innovative and sustainable designs—giving another dimension to clothes.

Let customers speak for us
Let customers speak for us
World-class quality and comfort.
Men's boxer briefs: The construction quality is the equal of any world-class brand, with the fit perfectly consistent with the sizing. Phenomenal comfort, with just the right amount of stretch. Most impressive.
— Bill Tomaskovic
Let customers speak for us
It’s like wearing a cloud
The smoothest and comfiest summer top I own. Imagine being naked. But with clothes on. Best love affair ever <3
— Aleya
Let customers speak for us
It truly isn't an easy task to find a bra that is both comfy and supporting. Until I discovered Lacher Prise intimate collection :) I cannot stop wearing this bra, love the name of the collection as it does feel like I am on a cloud, need to purchase more! Highly recommend!!!
— Lorraine
Let customers speak for us
Soft as air.
I love my kimono. It is versatile, beautiful, and deliciously cozy.
— James
Let customers speak for us
Top Notch.
One of my favorite pieces in my collection. It's versatile, comfortable, and looks nice. The hood is sleek and not awkward at all, on or off. The finger holes are also incognito when you want them to be, but so nice when active. A quality to size fit. Would definitely get another color in the future.
— Sharif