Lâcher Prise - Reverie 5-in-1 Scarf/Belt

Product Description

Reverie: A daydream; the state of being pleasantly lost in your own thoughts. 

Immerse yourself in the sumptuous embrace of sustainable, plant-based micromodal — a tactile symphony of luxury against your skin with the Reverie 5-in-1 Scarf designed by Lâcher Prise. It's not an accessory; it's an innovative scarf for women that transforms into a belt, headwear, or even a shawl, embodying comfort, elegance, and sustainability.

5-in-1 Belt/Scarf for Women

Grace your attire with sophistication as the multi-purpose product that transitions from a chic scarf to a statement belt and beyond. Its ability to morph into a trendy crisscross top, bandeau, or headwrap adds sophisticated flair to any ensemble.

Whether draped casually or styled intricately, the Reverie scarf for women enhances your look with a refined touch.

Cinch it at the waist, and watch it become a bold exclamation mark, punctuating your unique style with effortless grace. The scarf transcends the conventional role of a belt, becoming a statement piece that speaks volumes about your individuality and fashion-forward sensibilities.

The Scarf/Belt as a Top and Headwrap

Dare to stand out as the belt/scarf takes on the role of an alluring top or headpiece, framing your features with its captivating dance of fabric. Whether worn as a stylish top, a headband, or an intricate knot, let the scarf be the crown that radiates confidence and turns heads with every step you take.

Warmth Meets Style

Embrace the colder seasons with the Reverie 5-in-1 scarf for women draped over your shoulders, redefining the classic shawl. This cozy yet elegant wrap not only shields you from the chill but transforms every outing into a runway, where elegance meets coziness in perfect harmony.

Beyond a mere garment, the Reverie Belt/Scarf is a narrative waiting to be woven, a companion in your odyssey of self-expression. Each twist, knot, and drape tells a story of conscious fashion, where your choices resonate with a commitment to sustainability and individuality.

Sustainable Style

Step into the spotlight with the Lâcher Prise Reverie 5-in-1 Scarf for Women—your new must-have accessory that demands attention and delivers an unparalleled experience.

From the ethereal touch against your skin to the versatile transformations it undergoes, the scarf/belt is not just a piece of fashion; it's a spotlight-stealing revelation.

Embrace it, wear it, and let the world witness the magic of your style. 

Product Details & Care Instructions


  • Size: One Size Only
  • Fabric: 95% certified lenzing micromodal & 5% spandex
  • Design: Non-Binary - 5 in 1 design: can be worn as a top, a scarf, a belt, a head wrap, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Wash cold with like colors
  • Hang dry or lay flat to preserve your clothes longer
    Lâcher Prise & Sustainability
    • Designed with love in Brooklyn, Made Ethically in LA
    • We plant 8 trees with 5-in-1 Scarf/Belt purchase
    • This will offset 80kg of CO2/year
    • Made with locally sourced plant-based fabrics
    • Certified Lenzing Fibers
    • Made with wood from sustainably managed forests 
    • No plastic, certified vegan
    • Biodegradable Fabric (under the right conditions can Revert to Nature)
    • Wrapped in a Home Compostable polybag from TIPA
    • Shipped with 100% recycled poly-mailer from EcoEnclose
          Every $10 you spend, we plant a tree
          Plant-based & Biodegradable
          Ethically Made Fair Wages & Conditions
          Recycled Reusable Packaging